"People just call me Cat"

Catrina Shank: Ohio's small town blonde bombshell with big dreams, now taking the LA modeling scene by storm

Photographer: Kevin Peterson
Model Catrina Shank

With a chance to catch up with Catrina Shank who more commonly goes by Cat we were able to shoot a few photos and learn a little more about this stunning blonde babe whoes turning heads and taking LA by a storm.

The Interview -

Static - Before we begin where can we see more of you and your work?
Cat - You can follow me here:

Static - Where are you from originally and what brought you out to Los Angeles?
Cat - I was born in Minnesota but we moved to Ohio when I was around 5 or 6 years old. I did some modeling in Ohio, and about a year ago I packed my bags and headed out to LA to pursue a career in modeling.

Static - Favorite movie
Cat - Oh gosh…um mum mum... Superbad she laughs
Static - Cats or dogs -
Cat - Dogs!
Static -Why?
Cat - Um... they are more playful and more fun than cats. Cats are kinda boring lol...

Static - Mustache, Goatee, 5'oclock shadow, bearded grizzle, or clean shaved?
Cat - Clean shaved!
Static - Describe your perfect Sunday
Cat - At home cleaning...lol. or relaxing or shopping

Static - Most embarrassing moment you remember?
Cat - Um….Thinking... I guess it was when my bikini almost fell off in front of people while swimming at the beach
Static - Favorite quote?
Cat - "My body my art"
Static - If you could be anywhere, or doing anything right now what would it be?
Cat - I would be in Bora Bora laying on the warm white sand.
Static -Ever been there?
Cat - no

Static - For all the male readers out there, could you describe your perfect man?
Cat - Oh gosh... Thats hard question. I gues a guy that could sing or is in the creative entertainment industry...she laughs
Static - What is the worst date you’ve been on?
Cat - Cant really think of one.
Static - Cheesiest pick up line?
Cat - I don't know. Ive gotten a lot!
Static - Favorite part of a mans anatomy?
Cat - A nice muscular chest!

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